Cetma Composites S-WiNG Footpockets

Cetma Composites S-WiNG Footpockets


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Cetma Composites S-WiNG Footpockets from Cetma Composites


Main features:

  • S-WING footpockets by CETMA COMPOSITES enable a longer blade portion under the foot.
  • S-WiNG footpockets hold the foot completely firm and constrained (from tip to big toe). This feature enables a better transfer of the driving force.
  •  S-WiNG footpockets are supplied with stiffened sole, this prevents deformation of footpocket’s sole under blade load.
  • The design of the S-WiNG footpockets canalizes the water flow by creating a channel beside the foot, which as a result optimizes the hydrodynamic efficiency.
  • S-WiNG footpockets are designed with two vertical stabilizers which avoid the sideslip motion, also enabling to canalize water in an effective manner.
  • The front structure of s-WiNG footpockets is designed with a higher stiffness U-shape reinforcement in order to stabilize the blade.
  • Cetma footpockets have been designed to maximize comfort by wrapping and imitating the foot shape.
  • Efficient water rails minimize the rubber content to increase the efficiency of the blade thanks to variable height design.
  • Light -weight design. Cetma s-WiNG footpockets are made from high elasticity natural rubber and thermoplastic rubber, which provides a light weight.

Size [mm] of footpockets for choosing the size

EUROPEAN SIZE Max Length Max Width Instep Circumference
35-36 220 86,5 243
37-38 230 92 260
39-40 245 97 271
41-42 260 101 286
43-44 270 107 300
45-46 280 111 314
47-48 295 117 330

Please, choose the table you need. Either WaterWayFins or Ultrafins

WaterWay Fins size table

waterwayfins size table

UltraFins size table

Additional information

Weight 1.7 kg

EU 35-36 / US 3.5-4.5, EU 37-38 / US 5-6, EU 39-40 / US 7-7.5, EU 41-42 / US 8-8.5, EU 43-44 / US 9-10.5, EU 45-46 / US 11-12, EU 47-48 / US 12.5-14


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