Rubber fins Sprint

Rubber fins Sprint


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Made of 100% floating natural Rubber. • Anatomic design using multiple ribbing channels. • The fins consist of two types of rubber compound: Soft compound rubber on the pocket. Hard compound rubber on the blade. SPIRNT fins provide the optimum solution to the people involved in swimming activities. The soft rubber compound used in the pocket provides comfort making the fin an extension of the swimmers foot. The blade part made of hard rubber compound enables the swimmer to adjust the pace of his/her swim as it can give soft or strong propulsive force depending on the strength of the kick. Particularly useful for training athletes these fins can help swimmers improve: • Kicking strength • Ankle flexibility • Body position • Fitness/Stamina The rubber compound used is the result of many years of experience and experimentation. It contains oxygen and UV (Ultraviolet light) protectors giving the fins a long life expectancy. Product weight = 0,9 kg

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Weight 1.7 kg

Red 34-36, Red 36-38, Blue 36-38, Blue 38-40


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